Typography Insight is now available on VR

Typography Insight for VR encourages people to experience, learn and play with typography in 3D virtual reality space

Type is beautiful in 3D space. Typography Insight allows you to layout type in 3D virtual reality space. With various typographic properties, you will be able to experience and understand the characteristics of type in VR. The app is composed of three feature areas.

Type Playground

Compose typographic layout in 3D space with various fonts, sizes, and colors. You can use it for designing big signage on the wall or constructing experimental typographic structure in space. You can interact with beautiful type directly using the controllers.

Typeface Anatomy

Learn about basic terminologies and the detail elements of typefaces.

Historical Typefaces

Explore historically important typefaces in 3D timeline view.

Available on VIVEPORT

Publish date: Mar 6, 2017

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Historical Type Timeline and Colors

Holographic Type Sculpture made with Typography Insight